Save Money When You Have to Travel During Peak Travel Season

October 3, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

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What do you do if you’re locked in to travel dates by school vacations and can only travel during peak (read: really expensive) times of the year? There are a few ways you can make your vacation easier on your wallet:

1. Choose a budget destination: There are a few international trips that are always a steal—Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic to name a few.

2. Pick an off-season location: If you don’t mind the heat, try booking the Caribbean in the summer or a ski town when there’s no snow on the ground.

3. Look for secondary destinations: Consider going to the town or city near the incredibly popular destination. You’ll likely find similar attractions (unless you’re going for a specific monument, museum, or event) at a lesser cost.

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