How Much Time do You Spend Re-doing Your Partner’s Chores?

October 1, 2012 | By | Comments (4)

Woman cleaning

Did you know that the average British woman spends three hours each week redoing her partner’s housework? That number comes courtesy of Sainsbury’s, a retail chain in the United Kingdom. (And we have a feeling American women are giving those Brits a run for their money.)

Cleaning the kitchen and fluffing the couch cushions were the primary chores that men failed to execute to their wives’ satisfaction. And among the top-10 complaints, three were about making the bed. (Women like the bottom sheet tugged tight.)

While we can’t make your husband a better cleaner, we may be able to shave some time off all those tasks you re-do. Check out our guides to speed-cleaning just about every room in your house—and beyond. (And if you’re feeling ambitious, go ahead: Pass them on to your spouse.)