Does Arnold Schwarzenegger deserve the attention?

October 1, 2012 | By | Comments (8)

For the fourth time in as many days, I’ve heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his affair. While it seems like content better suited to gossip magazines and entertainment shows, the place I heard about it most frequently was on CBS This Morning and CBS Sunday Morning.

This morning, as I listened AGAIN to Lesley Stahl ask Arnold about his affairs and treatment of his wife Maria, I had to wonder – does Arnold Schwarzenegger deserve this much attention?

Yes, he’s done some pretty amazing things – from champion body builder to movie star to Governor of California, the guy probably has a lot of great stories to tell. But he also cheated on his wife not once, but if reports are to be believed, multiple times, with at least one of those affairs resulting in a child. And while he says he’s sorry and that it was the “worst thing he’s ever done in his life” he is also milking it for all it’s worth with the release of his new book.

What happened to cheating being something we didn’t talk about? And while some could say this public self-flagellation is Arnold trying to make amends, why does his answer of “you could say that” to Lesley Stahl’s statement “so you lied to your wife” strike me as evasive?

You could say that? I believe the answer you are looking for Mr. Schwarzenegger is yes.

Yes Lesley, I lied to my wife. The wife who gave up her career in journalism for me. The wife who I am now forcing to relive my multiple affairs as I hit the talk show circuit and appear in countless magazines.

As much I can’t believe I’m saying it – If you want to hear more about Arnold and his affair, the full interview will be aired tonight on the news show, 60 Minutes. I will be watching something more informational.

Like Wipeout. Or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

What do you think? Does Arnold Schwarzenegger deserve the attention?