Do you want to be tagged on Facebook?

September 26, 2012 | By | Comments (4)

There is a moment when a friend or family member decides to “tag” you on Facebook, and you have to decide if you are okay with it.

There are several ways you can be tagged. You can be:

  • Mentioned in a status update.
  • Included when a friend “checks in” to a location
  • Identified in a particularly embarrassing photo from your awkward teenage years (thanks mom)

I heard recently about someone who, after tagging a friend at a location, got in “trouble” because the friend was upset she had been included. Which begs the questions – what is the etiquette of tagging? And is there a way to avoid being tagged?

The answer to the second question is easy – yes. To avoid being tagged without your knowledge, all you have to do is change your privacy settings (Timeline & Tagging) so that you have to approve all tags before they are viewable.

The first question is a bit more difficult. Whether you should tag a friend is really going to depend. But the biggest factor to consider is whether your Facebook “friend” is actually a friend, and if you know how they will react. If you don’t know, don’t tag.

Do you mind being tagged on Facebook by friends?