7 Tasks I’m Happy To Delegate and 3 I’ll Never Be Able To Let Go

Woman looking at sticky notes

Delegating can be tough—what should you trust others to do, and what do you just do yourself? A lot of the time I think we want to be Super Women and do everything ourselves, without any help. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—there aren’t enough hours in the day. You need sleep eventually!

That being said, I have certain tasks I will absolutely ask for help with, and some I just cannot let go of. Here’s my list:

Happy to Delegate

1. Washing the dishes. Ok let’s get right to the point of this one – I HATE washing dishes. Despise it, really. Given a choice to do anything else, I usually choose the ‘anything else’.

2. Grocery shopping. I don’t know; there’s just something about stocking up for the week on a Sunday evening that gives me the blues. I’ll do it if I have to, I but rather not!

3. Taking out the trash. I mean…need I say more?

4. Anything having to do with my car. Oil change, car wash, inspection, you name it. This is always something on my ‘to-do’ list that gets put off (and off, and off…) It takes me forever to get anything done for my poor car!

5. Cooking dinner. I truly enjoy cooking most of the time. However, sometimes I’m having a bad day, or am feeling too darn lazy to cook. Those days, I’m 150% happy to have Colin whip us up something.

6. Dropping off or picking up the dry cleaning. I’m honestly not really sure why on this one. I don’t have a good excuse. It’s just annoying!

7. Walking the dog. I’m going to pretend we have a dog. We don’t, but maybe one day we will. If and when we have one, I know I’ll enjoy delegating out the task of walking our future-possible-maybe-dog.

Can’t let go of

1. Folding the laundry. I am very particular about certain things. My laundry is one of them. Colin folds nice and neat, but doesn’t fold ‘my’ way. (I am weird if you haven’t noticed yet…) I always appreciate his help with this, but just rather do it myself.

2. Picking up, and tidying our apartment on a regular basis. I’m very neat. I like everything put away. I can be a little OCD about this. Colin (my husband), not so much…He is so great about helping me clean, but as far as putting things away on a regular basis, he’s not so into that. I’m OK with this. I married this. I am OK with taking responsibility for tidying up the way I like things on a daily basis. Usually this consists of putting the mail in the same spot, making sure empty glasses are in the dishwasher, and shoes are out of my walking path (I’m not a fan of tripping on things!). If it gets me to sleep OK at night, then I’m going to continue to do it. It’s working so far!

3. Paying monthly bills. I am pretty organized, and write everything down, so I remember things. I know when the bills are due, and I know that I have to pay them every month. I like being responsible for these, and I like knowing that everything will be paid on time. Colin’s great with savings, investing, and all that jazz. However, my connection to money in our family is paying the bills. I love this, and am not giving it up anytime soon.

—Colleen Mescall