Sponsored: Maintain a Calendar—Save Time on Chores

September 24, 2012 | By | Comments (0)


by Molly Gold, Real Simple A-Lister and founder of GoMomInc.com

In high school, I used color-coded calendars to keep track of details and maximize the fun. Today my calendar is bursting with tasks, commitments, and to-do lists to help me stay organized and save time. Let your calendar work for you with these tips:

1) Keep just one: Multiple calendars can become confusing. Stick with a single calendar to organize your schedule, your family’s schedule, special days, events, and tasks. With the new Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with Apps (RF4289), you can update your Google Calendar right on the fridge!

2) List your chores: Household management means repeating series of tasks. Make four lists of recurring chores: weekly (like bathroom cleaning), monthly (like dusting—no judgment here!), quarterly (like flipping mattresses), and annually (like replacing air filters). Schedule them on your calendar accordingly so you don’t overlook important tasks.

3) Be flexible: Sometimes we have to be more flexible than we like. If you can’t clean the bathrooms weekly, the world will not end—and likely, no one will notice. Switch to every other week (remember, most cleaning services tidy up just twice a month). So give yourself some leeway, but always keep your chores on the calendar.

How do you use your calendar to save time on chores? Tell Molly Gold via GoMomInc.com, plus learn more tips to outsmart the chaos in your home.