Picky Eaters: How to Cut Back on Sweets

September 21, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

We asked you on Facebook for your biggest challenges when it comes to having a picky eater in the house. We called in Elizabeth Pantley, best-selling author of The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution to help solve your problems. Look for her answers here over the next few weeks.

A table of desserts

My 3 year old daughter seems to only live on yogurt & broccoli these days! She used to love fruits and vegetables, but now when we try to serve them, she takes a bite & then says ‘Yucky.’ Eggs are still a protein she’ll eat, but meats get the same response as above. Of course if someone offers here sugar/junk she’ll eat that! At daycare, she eats most of what they serve her for lunch! HELP, please! —Nicole F.

Hi Nicole. One thing you said gives away your daughter’s secret—you said she’ll willingly eat sugar and junk foods, and that she eats better at daycare. That shows that she’s discovered tasty treats and has learned to hold out until she gets one of these choices. But she knows that at daycare those choices aren’t forthcoming, so she eats what they serve. Limit the treats to one per day, or even one per weekend, and give her several healthy choices to pick from at meals. A few brief lessons about the difference between “good-for-you” foods versus fun treats can help, too. Remember, it’s a process, but what she learns now will last for a lifetime.

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