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Samsung Smart Washer (WF457)

by Molly Gold, Real Simple A-Lister and founder of

When we purchased our home eight years ago, I was thrilled to have a first-generation, quiet power dishwasher. This was huge because as a work-at-home mom, I have enough noise to deal with! So the next time you purchase appliances, look for innovative features that will make your life easier and save you time on chores. Here’s what to look for:

1) Go big or go home: When it comes to washing machines and dryers, think big. The Samsung King-Size High Efficiency Top Load Washer and Dryer (WA456/DV456) is the king of capacity designed to handle 2.4 laundry baskets of clothes in a single load. It’ll cut your laundry time in half, while providing a thorough and gentle wash with AquaJet™ cleaning technology. The best part—it’s so quiet, you’ll barely know the machine is on.

2) Go smart: Pick appliances with high-tech features, like the Samsung Smart Washer and Dryer with Smart Control™ (WF457/DV456) that lets you select functions and monitor your laundry’s progress remotely on your smartphone. With this convenient feature, you’ll never waste time checking on your laundry again.

3) Get it right: Spend time shopping for reliable, premium-brand appliances that will survive years of use. Always consider appliance features that will save you time and money (think energy-efficient machines) in the long run. Buy the best machines for your buck—you’ll be glad you did. If you could replace one appliance in your home, which would it be? Tell Molly Gold via, plus learn more tips to outsmart the chaos in your home.