How Much Time do You Think a Recruiter Spends Looking at Your Resume?

September 17, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

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According to a survey by theLadders, an online job-placement service, the answer—a measly six seconds. All the more reason you’ll want to make sure that your one-sheet packs a powerful, focused punch. The survey found that recruiters spend most of that snippet of time scanning the candidate’s name, current and past titles, start and end dates of positions, employers, and education information. So if you’re revamping your resume, make sure that information is clear and obvious. As for the rest? Explanatory text, such as job descriptions, is largely ignored. So are the “skills” and “interests” you racked your brain to invent remember. But if you’d like, go ahead and include them—briefly!—anyway.

(And remember: The six-second rule is still not a reason to skip the spell-check!)

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