Introducing Real Simple on Instagram + #RSday

September 17, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

We have lots of exciting news for you today at Real Simple. The first thing—we’re now on Instagram! So, before you read any further, pull out your smartphone and follow us, we’re @Real_Simple. (No smartphone? No problem, you can see our photos on

#RSday on Instagram

What will you see if you follow us? You’ll get a peek behind the scenes of how we create the magazine each month. Our photo editors will take you on photo shoots, our food editors will invite you into the test kitchen, and the rest of the staff will bring you along to meetings and other fun events in the office.

But we want to hear from you, too! One of the things we love is knowing how you like to enjoy your Real Simple each month. So, we’re kicking off #RSday both on Instagram and Twitter. Share a photo of how you like to read your Real Simple magazine (apparently we pair well with coffee!), and we’ll share some of our favorite photos on Simply Stated and Twitter each month.

Thank you to those of you who helped us kick off #RSDay by sharing the photos posted above!

Photos by: (top row) @katherinetucker; @priscillachang; @lovelythor; (middle row) @nattypy; @lindsey25; @kmalie; (bottom row) @konstantinaa; @real_simple; @suendercafe.