Recognize a Pattern

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By Julie Richard, Ace Hardware’s Design Expert 

One of my favorite ways to add dimension and interest to an interior is to add a graphic pattern or design to the room. All you’ll really need is your idea or inspiration, the perfect paint colors, a ruler, measuring tape, a brush and painter’s tape! The best way to begin any paint project is with a vision. Here are some creative ideas to get you started.

Consider all your planes. Adding a graphic element to the ceiling or floor of a room is unexpected and fun. I currently love the idea of diagonal stripes on floors. They visually expand the space and work well in transitional or open areas such as hall and entryways, outdoor porches, powder rooms and kitchens. For a subtle effect try two muted colors that contrast slightly in a high gloss sheen. Combining Clark+Kensington® Ocean Breeze 1042 and Clark+Kensington Harbor Lane 1044, would look both sophisticated yet fun together in an entryway.

Add architectural details: If you feel your space is lacking architectural details why not add it in with paint? It’s a quick and easy solution and the end results are amazing. Simply measure and tape off the implied design. Look at design or architecture books and home magazines for inspiration. Use two or three colors for these accents. For example the entire wall would be painted one shade while the painted trim detail would be painted the second color and the center, the third. A great combination to try would be Clark+Kensington Coastal Pleasures 5048 for the walls, Clark+Kensington You’re the Boss 5052 for implied trim and Clark+Kensington Ominous Cloud 5044 for the center inside the painted molding detail. Another creative and eye catching way to add pattern to your home is to paint the face of the riser on your stairs. It’s often the first element guests will see when entering your home!

The Walls: If you’re looking to add a graphic and dramatic design to your walls choose two colors with a high contrast. For a more subtle design in a similar color family, using three colors work the best. To achieve a design with a more clam feel, map it out in a larger scale. For more involved designs use stencil templates available online that will make more intricate design patterns much easier to layout. Both horizontal and vertical stripes are a classic way to add pattern to your walls and ceilings. Highly contrasted colors look beautiful in an eggshell or matte finish. When using colors that are a similar shade, try to vary the sheen by using one shade in a matte finish and the other in a high gloss sheen. Try Clark+Kensington Designer White 1066 and Clark+Kensington Diamond Lake 1058 in a little boy’s room and/or Clark+Kensington Vanilla Latte 3062 and Clark+Kensington Fairy Wings 5028 for a girl. Then introduce pops of color with your accessories and accents pieces. If possible, limit the pattern to certain areas. For example, try painting an area behind the head of your bed in a pattern. This will serve as an implied headboard. Additionally, lattice patterns are a beautiful way to bring an outdoor design indoors. Painting smaller areas allow you to update the space with a favorite pattern more often!

Furniture and objects: Graphics don’t have to be applied to just the architectural surfaces of your home. Try painted applications on everything from new and vintage furniture pieces to outdoor planters to lampshades and mirror frames. High gloss sheens add a hint of glamour while more flat or matte surfaces tend to look more traditional. If you’re feeling artistic you may try to free hand draw more organic designs yourself! Smaller pieces and furniture are great places to take risks with color. I love adding a bright colorful graphic to a furniture piece; it’s the perfect way to inject color into a room or onto a front porch.

Try a bright cheerful shade in a graphic. Clark+Kensignton Designer White 1066, is the perfect base color then add the graphic in a cheerful, bright shade such as Ace Paint Lemon Zest A25-6.

Whether you’re looking for a bold contrasted or a subtle sophisticated statement, patterns and graphic elements will add a dynamic layer to any room in your home!

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