Fall Reading Lists: Mine, Yours, and Anderson Cooper’s

September 6, 2012 | By | Comments (18)

Hi, Bookies:

We recently asked Anderson Cooper what books he’s really looking forward to reading this fall, and his three picks ranged widely in a way that, I guess, is not surprising for someone who hosts both a nighttime news-oriented show and a daytime talk show (its second season premieres on September 10). It made me think about what books I’ve got on my list, since I’m going on vacation in a couple of weeks, I have two long plane rides ahead of me, and I like to stock my Kindle. So far I have these picks:

11/22/63, by Stephen King

Is it shocking to say that I’ve never read a Stephen King book? But as both a lover of historical fiction and a child of the ’60s, 11/22/63—about a time-traveler who tries to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy—intrigues me.

Emma, by Jane Austen

I like to reread favorite classics, and this wonderful novel of manners seems especially appropriate, since I’m headed to England.

The Empty Glass, by J.I. Baker

Speaking of the ’60s… Though this noirish thriller didn’t win our September poll, it’s on my must-read list. I grew up loving the movies of Marilyn Monroe (they were a staple of WABC’s weekday 4:30 Movie broadcast); what’s more, author J.I. Baker is a former executive editor of Real Simple.

The Kingmaker’s Daughter, by Philippa Gregory

I haven’t officially put this on my list yet, but I’m considering it. Why I’m waffling: I absolutely loved The Other Boleyn Girl and recommend it regularly, but I was definitely less taken with the follow-ups I read. Has anyone read this new one?

So what else would you recommend for me? What are you going to be reading this fall? And if you’re curious about what’s on Mr. Cooper’s list, read it here.