Sponsored: The Ins and Outs of Accent Colors

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By Julie Richard, Ace Hardware’s Design Expert

When looking to update a room in your home with color, it’s important to challenge yourself to think beyond the wall. Accent colors are a great way to change the overall look and design of a room without spending too much money or time on a project.

Paint the trim and doors: An inexpensive, yet dramatic way to transform a neutral-colored room in your home is by painting the trim and doors in a high gloss paint color. Clark+Kensington® City Nights 1048, a deep blue, will add dimension to the room. If you aren’t feeling bold when it comes to the trim, try painting the room’s door for an instantly updated, fresh look.

Brighten up the bookshelf: Adding a bright pop of color to the back of your bookshelves will not only add a splash of vibrant color throughout the room, but also act as a decorative force offsetting the books and accent items on the shelves in a unique and beautiful way. I love to use colors that are bright and saturated. When hot, trending colors are used in small accent areas, such as Clark+Kensington Saphire 1018 or Autumn Gourd 5018, in a matte sheen, the effect is fun and unexpected. If you get tired of the shade you can easily replace it with a fresh new color next season!

Paint where: I also love adding an element of surprise to a room and the best way to do so is by painting the interior of a china cabinet or credenza so that a little color peeks through the glass doors. For a subtle, sophisticated look add a deep tone like Clark+Kensington Smooth Slate 5042, a rich grey. When done in a high gloss sheen, it will beautifully showcase the white dishes and glassware inside.

Add a pop of colorful furniture: If you aren’t feeling daring enough to paint permanent features in your home, you can achieve a similar affect by adding small colorful furniture pieces to a room. You can even try adding a bright geometric graphic on the top or face of a table or dresser drawers. With the help of painter’s tape, a brush and a beautiful color, it’s amazing how creative you can get! First, paint the entire furniture piece a crisp neutral color such as Clark+Kensington Designer White 1066, then lay out the graphic with painter’s tape and paint it in a deeper colorful shade like Clark+Kensington Blue Bayou 1014, a rich blue, or for a subtle effect try Clark+Kensington Oyster Pearl 5046.  Subtle neutral shades will then mix well with your bright, vibrant home accessories. Not only will you have an updated look, you’ll also have a brand new piece of furniture!

Put two or three of these tips into action, and you will have a great start towards a designer room you will love that is simple and affordable.

Clark+Kensington is a new premium line of paint+primer in one available exclusively at Ace Hardware. For more painting tips and advice, stop by your neighborhood Ace Hardware store or visit www.acehardware.com.