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by Molly Gold, Real Simple A-Lister and founder of GoMomInc.com

Getting organized takes forever. Okay not forever, but it can feel like a full-time job. Here are some tips to make your organizational systems work harder—so you don’t have to.

1) Make an organized list: It sounds simple, but it’s where your journey begins. Make a list of every organizing project that’s nagging you—from the mess in the mudroom to the pictures shoved in storage boxes. Write everything down, and organize the list by room. Then sleep on it. The list might feel daunting, so you’ll need to take a fresh look in the morning.

2) Pick and choose: Decide what to tackle and when. My first choice is any room or project that impacts my family’s daily lives. For example, our hall closet stores outerwear and family photos. I would organize our coats, gloves, and hats first since it has a daily impact during winter. I can put off organizing our family photos since I access them occasionally.

3) Schedule: Get out your calendar and start scheduling tasks. Assign one project a week, starting with high-priority projects first. If you have more time, schedule a few projects per week. If you complete one project at a time, you’ll be finished before you know it!

What organizing projects take the longest for you to complete? Tell Molly Gold via GoMomInc.com, plus learn more tips to outsmart the chaos in your home.

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