5 Reasons My Schedule Will Never Be Sane

I love to write. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and always has been since I was a young girl. I still find poems, songs (Taylor Swift, if you’re interested, let me know), and stories tucked away in different spots of my childhood bedroom. I wrote about everything—liking a certain boy, kissing the boy I liked, being mad at my parents, the list could go on and on! It’s what I would do to vent, and what I often still do to get it all out. I find happiness in writing—especially something that I know could get a chuckle (or at least a smile!) out of someone. Because of this, this contest means so much to me, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity. 

My first post will tell you a little bit more about who I am, including my “scary bride voice,” my biggest flaw, and the creative excuses I come up with in order to get out of exercising…I hope you enjoy!

Filled out dayplanner

1. I’m getting married. In 16 days. As in almost single digits. My fiancé Colin and I have been engaged for 548 days (significantly higher than 16), and now it’s finally here. I am a little stressed, and a lot excited. Stressed because—obviously—there are not enough hours in the day. Excited because I’m marrying the love of my life (he is smart, handsome, funny, and kind—I am a lucky girl). This mixture of emotions and varying stress levels can be hard to balance, but since it’s crunch time, things just have to get done. This means the coffee pot is always on, and both my fiancé and matron of honor are on call 24/7 (lucky them!). Alas, one definite perk of being a bride is that people listen to you. And do things for you. Yes, sometimes you have to use your ‘scary, stressed out bride voice’, but hey—whatever gets things moving!

2. I’m going back to school. After graduating college four years ago, I am thrilled to say that I am changing careers and going back to school to receive my masters in education. I’ve kissed my former marketing cube life goodbye, and after finally figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life, am saying hello to Kindergarteners, chalk boards, and lesson plans! This year I will be completing a fellowship program where I will help teach in a classroom during the day, and take classes in the evening. I’m preparing for a huge schedule change and know that I am really going to have to focus on trying to balance everything this year. We’ll see how that goes…

3. Spending time with family and friends has always been a priority for me. And it always will be—no matter how crazy they are (shout out to the fam!). Colin is from Vermont, and I am from Long Island, so we often travel on the weekends to visit either side of the family. This can be tough and even stressful at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with our families on the weekend! But, after a busy work week sometimes all you want is a free weekend to relax. Honestly, it often feels like it’s time for bed right after I get home from work (after factoring in exercising, making dinner, etc.) With having a full load this year, I am going to have to be proactive about scheduling in a couple of free weekends every month for us to stay home. (Scares me to think that we don’t even have children yet! How do you do it?!)

4. Working out isn’t always fun, but it’s necessary. We all know by now that exercising increases brain power and helps us lead healthy lives. I often struggle with this when laziness takes over; I make excuses (“I’m too busy today, I just can’t do it!”) or convince myself that it’s okay to skip working out this week, because I ate healthy over the weekend, or something along those lines (I can really get creative when it comes to this). But truthfully, working out keeps my head on straight. It helps release stress and anxiety, which makes me a happier person. So bottom line, I need to do it. Especially this year. It’s a challenge for sure, but incorporating exercise into my schedule is a ‘must-do’.

5. I’ve saved my shameful (no-so-secret) flaw for last. I am always late. Ok, not “always” always, but often. Very often (sad face). The problem has gotten so bad, my family even tricks me into trying to get me to be on time (“don’t forget, we’re meeting at 10:30” when they are really meeting at 11!). Even though a lot of people who know me well already know my shameful secret, I hate admitting to it. Because of it, I seem rude, inconsiderate, and frankly…like a diva. But I swear it’s not intentional! (And I swear I’m not a rude, inconsiderate diva!). I have a warped sense of time, and am always trying to fit in one.more.thing. I’m not proud of this, and know it is something I need to seriously work on. Hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

—Colleen Mescall