Four Things You Didn’t Know Oven Cleaner Could Clean

August 28, 2012 | By | Comments (15)

Oven with a yellow teapot

Think your bottle of oven cleaner is a one-hit wonder? Think again. You can actually use it to clean the following four things:

1. Stained Pyrex dishes: Spray on the oven cleaner and place the dish in a tightly sealed garbage bag overnight. In the morning, scrub away the stains and wash the dish thoroughly.

2. Your curling iron: Remove product build up by dampening a cloth with oven cleaner and wiping down the iron. Then wipe down the curling iron with a cloth dampened with water.

3. Grease spots on your driveway: If your car has developed a leak, banish those oil stains by squirting some of the cleanser on the spots. Let it work for a few minutes then wash away with a high-powered hose.

4. Sap covered garden tools: Dissolve the sticky sap by spraying the tools with oven cleaner and letting them sit in a sealed plastic bag for several minutes. Be sure to wash thoroughly.

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