Countdown to Fashion Week

August 27, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

… and this is just the beginning.

September is just around the corner, bringing with it cooler weather, shorter days, sharpened pencils, and, of course, New York Fashion Week.  While designers have been prepping all summer long (since February, actually), here on the editorial side we are just starting to feel like it’s crunch time. Invites are pouring in, schedules are filling up, and we’re all starting to panic (slightly) about how to distill our closets down to seven perfect outfits, and whether or not it’s actually possible to make it through seven straight 12-hour days in a row, in heels.

Fashion Week (September 6 through September 13, this year) is a magical, if slightly stressful, time of year. It’s an exciting and rewarding experience to be in such close quarters with the entire industry, from models and designers to stylists and writers, getting to preview the new collections months before they hit stores, and watching trends develop and take hold (which we then get to bring to you in the pages of Real Simple).

It’s also an event that receives a lot of media coverage, in magazines, movies, and reality TV—some of it true, and lot of it erroneous. Do RS readers have any questions about it? What it’s really like, what we do day in and day out throughout the week, what shows we go to? Send me your queries—I’m happy to satisfy any curiosity!

And, of course, we’ll be back post–Fashion Week with a roundup of our favorite shows, looks, and trends.