A Soothing Helper for Hair Removal

August 27, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

Waxing skin to remove hair is a tricky business, but prepping your delicate skin can make the process a whole less painful. From the hair-removal specialists at Completely Bare comes Not Feeling It ($10, completelybare.com), a new spray that actually desensitizes skin.

Spray it on and wait as it starts to tingle, crackle, and pop (yes, like Pop Rocks!). After about a minute, the spray will have cooled your skin enough to numb it, taking the sting out of waxing (better than a couple of shots of tequila, no?). Use it at home—it makes a great soother afterward, too, whether you wax, shave, or use a depilatory cream—or bring it to your next appointment.

What tricks do you have to reduce hair-removal pain? Share them below.