Want to Understand The Latest Kids’ Health News? Ask Science Mom!

August 16, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

It seems like every day there’s a new study or some sort of uproar about a health topic, particularly one that affects kids. What children should eat, how much TV they should be (or NOT be) watching, the appropriate amount of sleep and how to teach them to do it, bed-sharing, behavior and everything in between. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe and if you should even listen to the latest report.

That’s where Science of Mom comes to the rescue! I recently came across the blog, and it’s my daily read whenever I need help digesting some hot topic involving a scientific study.

The Mom behind the blog is actually Alice Callahan, PH.D., who earned her doctorate in nutritional biology at the University of California, Davis and also has a toddler daughter. When she became a mom, she decide to take her scientific background (and ability to actually understand the charts, graphs and stats in complicated studies) and direct them at the latest research of interest to moms everywhere.

In just one year (including over 100 posts!), Callahan has delved into the research behind fluoride in water and IQ, co-sleeping and breathing problems, colic, breastfeeding and obesity, organic milk vs. conventional milk, and so much more.

What’s so different about what she’s doing—and is no doubt enabled by the lack of space constraints on the web—is that she’s parsing the studies with a very diligent, very painstaking, fine tooth comb. She takes the time to note a study’s limitations (small sample size or a bias, for example) and explaining what otherwise obtuse and daunting charts actually mean. I love that when she looks at a topic, she’s not just reporting about the latest study, but also synthesizing with prior research so that it makes sense in context. This leads to less health whip-lash and a greater understanding of what is really going on!

So the next time you hear some brouhaha that involves the health of your kids, chances are, Science of Mom is on it!