What are you (or your kids) watching this summer?

August 8, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Summertime is definitely a good time to disconnect and keep time watching the boob tube to a minimum.

While our television time has been severely (and happily) reduced in favor of summer fun, we do have a couple of new favorite shows that we like to watch when we are looking to spend some quality time on the couch:

The Olympics
My husband and I have Olympic fever, and after a few forced viewings, we’ve successfully “infected” the children. We’ve managed to avoid “spoilers” by recording and watching NBC’s coverage each evening. Beach volleyball had our son on his feet cheering for the United States as Jennifer Kessy and April Ross played Czechoslovakia.

Tron: Uprising
One of my favorite movies from my youth is now our 10-year-old son’s favorite cartoon which we watch OnDemand. The illustration style is really cool, and I get a kick out of hearing original star Bruce Boxleitner voice the character of Tron.

Phineas and Ferb
Okay, so maybe this series isn’t new, but it is the only show that has captured, and kept, our 7-year-old daughter’s attention. She could (and has) watch repeats of this Disney series for hours. And now that she’s a Girl Scout, I think she’d like our troop to start making up outrageous patches, just like the Fireside Girls.

Necessary Roughness
I started watching this series on USA because the star, Callie Thorne, is a fellow Wheaton College graduate and Wheatone. But I’ve kept watching because the show, now in its second season, is adorable. Some of my other favorite summer shows are on USA including Royal Pains and White Collar.

What are you watching this summer?