Do you have a hobby?

August 3, 2012 | By | Comments (8)

Something not-so-funny happened on my way to adulthood and crazy-busy motherhood – I lost my hobbies.

When questioned in my youth, I would have told you my interests and hobbies included reading, rollerblading, singing, writing, and downhill skiing. Since graduating from college those hobbies have either been dropped because they are too expensive, too inconvenient, or just don’t fit into my schedule. I’ve been fortunate to turn some of my other interests, including writing, into a career – which also means that those activities are no longer relaxing for me because I do them every single day.

Call me self-indulgent, but now that the kids are older, and slightly more self sufficient, I find myself looking to reclaim some of that time I had when I was younger to discover new interests and hobbies.

Specifically, I’ve been exploring my creative side through photography. Last Christmas my husband bought me a used Nikon D40 as a way for me to see if I would use a digital SLR before investing a significant amount of money into equipment I might not use.

Turns out, I used it a lot. I fell in love with taking photos – not just of my children, but also of places and things. I enjoyed learning about, and experimenting with, aperture settings as well as different lenses and light settings. (I even took a class and read some books).

And I took so many, many pictures.

More recently, my husband upgraded me to a Nikon D5100, and my love affair with photography continues. I’ve been using Google Picasa to post my favorite photos, and for a while I was posting one snapshot a week to my blog (a project I want to get back to).

I love my new hobby because it a) has nothing to do with my job, b) it allows me to be creative, c) is portable and on-demand and d) it has nothing to do with being healthy or good for me (unlike my new running obsession).

Do you have a hobby? Or want to get back to interests of your own?