‘Why Is Job Hunting So Dehumanizing?’

July 26, 2012 | By | Comments (6)

Here’s the question  Fran Hopkins asks in a column on AOL: “How have I gotten to the point in this process where I expect to be treated like a piece of meat and accept it?

“There’s very little human interaction in the job-application process,” Hopkins writes. “You email your resume to hiring@abcfirm.com or painstakingly complete a time-consuming, excruciatingly detailed online application. Either way, you usually receive an auto-generated ‘thank you for your interest in employment with our company’ message.”

Then, silence. Nobody gets back to you. Nobody asks for more information. No response except for an automated computer response.

Says Hopkins: “It’s ironic: it seems to me that Human Resources has removed humans from just about every step they can in the hiring process these days.”

Selected for a “video interview,” Hopkins had a Skype conversation with …  a computer.

“I logged into a system that presented me with one question at a time on my computer monitor,” she writes. “After each question, I had a few minutes to answer while gazing into the pseudo-eye of my webcam. The whole thing took about 30 minutes and was recorded for review by the company’s hiring powers-that-be.”

Should she send a thank you note for the interview? If so, to whom should she address it?

What was your last job interview like? Is there a good way to make the process more, well, human? Let us know your thoughts.

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