Virtually Foolproof Help to Find Your Perfect Sunglasses

July 23, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

Glasses, whether of the sunny or optical variety, are one of those things that you must absolutely try (on) before you buy. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of borrowing a friend’s movie-star-worthy, super-cute shades only to realize as you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of a store window that on you they are much less movie-star and much more bug-eyed-alien, then you know exactly what I mean. Skin tone, hair color, and the proportions of your features make such a drastic difference in the way one pair looks from face to face that it’s nearly impossible to know what will work and what just absolutely will not without trying them on.

Of course, this makes it awfully difficult—unless you happen to be blessed with the gift of prescience—to buy a great pair of frames online.

Cue the fabulous new website An easy-to-use guide walks you through the process of creating a 180-degree rotatable image of your face—your own personal “Ditto”—using nothing more complicated than your webcam. From start to finish the process takes about 60 seconds. You can then choose from any of the site’s selection of sunnies or optical frames (and with brands like Jason Wu, Selima Optique, and Ray-Ban, what a selection it is) and try them on, virtually. Your Ditto can look left, look right, up, and down so you get to see how each pair would look on your face from every angle. If all of this handy technology leaves you feeling indecisive, you can share images of your Ditto on Facebook directly from the website so your friends, relatives, and even that one guy you knew from high school that you haven’t really spoken to in years can all weigh in and ease you through the decision process.

Admittedly, the site is not cheap. But the optically challenged among us should note that you can have any of the frames fitted with prescription lenses. For free.