Gone Girl: Boy Meets Girl (Spoiler Alert!)

Hi, Bookies:

I think the biggest challenge with this month’s book is not reading it entirely in one day. Most of you are probably knee-deep in Part 3 (or even finished), but I still want to take some time to discuss Part 2, which really dives in to the psyche of Amy.

Before we begin, I want to give this post a big SPOILER ALERT. Stop now if you haven’t read Part 2 or are not ready to get to the bottom of Amy’s disappearance.

Okay, here we go…

Within the first few paragraphs of Part 2 we learn that Amy has, in fact, staged her own disappearance. Were you shocked? Did you see it coming?

Flynn surprised me with Amy’s character. I had no idea that she’d turn out to be…so crazy! My first feeling after reading a few pages of “Actual Amy” (as opposed to “Diary Amy” in Part 1) was sympathy for Nick. I was quick to judge him in the beginning and now feel for the guy—he’s married to a complete psychopath. Most people simply divorce their spouses for cheating. Not this gal. I had a feeling that there was more to her but never expected she’d pull some of the things she did—the years of diary entries, fake aversion to blood, fake poisoning, Punch and Judy dolls and the shed full of credit card items, pregnancy hoax, detailed hideout plan, and, ultimately, putting up a façade for years in order to frame her husband and make him pay for his infidelity. She says, “He killed my soul, which should be a crime. Actually, it is a crime. According to me, at least.” Nick is guilty of cheating, but was she to blame for the downfall of their marriage or was he? Or a little of both?

Amy is clever, but Nick starts to catch on to her shenanigans at the end of Part 2 (which is ultimately what Amy wanted all along—for him to really understand her, remember the details, and, of course, always make her look good). Nick realized that if he built Amy up in the press, confessed to his actions, and apologized profusely, then she might come out of hiding. His strategy is best described during his interview with Sharon Sheiber:

“Just for a second, he places the pad of his index finger in the cleft of his chin, our old secret code, the one we did back in the day to swear we weren’t *********** each other—the dress really did look nice, that article really was solid. I am absolutely, one hundred percent sincere right now…

Another point of discussion is this recurring theme—as soon as we have a character trait assigned to Amy (or Nick), Flynn makes us question everything. For example, oh-so-clever Amy was not so bright during her time in hiding, trusting complete strangers. And as soon as we feel sympathy for Nick, flashes of his father’s personality surface. He says, “I woke up on my sister’s couch with a raging hangover and an urge to kill my wife.” Which brings up an interesting point…do you think Nick eventually kills Amy?

At the end of Part 2 we are left with Amy and Desi and something very bad is about to happen. Will she kill him? If so, then what will become her master plan?

Overall, I am still impressed by Flynn’s ability to keep me wanting more. The characters are twisted, yet very entertaining. I am anxious to read how Flynn ties this all together. Something tells me that the ending will be another surprise. What do you think so far?

I’ll be back again next Friday to discuss the third and final part. Looking forward to it! Have a wonderful weekend, Bookies!