Finalist: Scott Falconer

Simply Stated Blogger Contest Finalist Scott Falconer

Worry. That answer came to me the moment I read the question. Worry is the hardest thing I have to give up to balance my schedule. It’s a constant. I, like others, waste so much time worrying about what happened yesterday. Worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow and all the things in between. Am I going to lose my job? What will happen if I lose my job? What if my wife gets sick and dies? How will I raise the kids alone? Speaking of kids how are we going to pay for college? Oh, but before that there is middle school. Should I have not agreed with my wife when she mentioned she might need to tighten up her work out in order to tighten up her abs? The list goes on.

Why even when I thought about entering this contest I sat for almost twenty minutes worrying about how I would feel if I lost, or if I won. Then how should I write what I was going to say? Well, I stopped right there and started writing. I’ve been working to let go of worry because in doing so I let go of the past imperfections and the future mistakes. What I get in return is time. Time to be in the now. Time to be present with my wife, my children, my job and all the other things I used to say I’d worry about tomorrow. Today and now is what you get when you let worry go. I struggle with it. But it’s my plan and I get better with practice. I don’t worry about trying to do everything. I do what I can right now. Look, I had time to write this because I stopped worrying about it and just did it.


Scott Falconer is the blogger behind A Dapper Dad. He has two children, and lives with his family in Los Angeles. Vote for Scott’s entry here.