Can I help make the GPS watch of my dreams a reality?

July 1, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

With my new fitness regime, comes a new obsession with accessories.

I have my sneakers, favorite shorts, socks, running cap and sports bras. To that I’ve added new sunglasses, a cute hand-held water bottle for when it’s hot, and an amazing little ball to massage my right arch.

Each time I go out I wear a basic digital watch on my left arm, and on my right is strapped my iPhone to help track my workouts. It’s this arrangement that I’m now looking to change – primarily to protect my phone, but also for added capabilities. As you can imagine, I cannot use the phone when it’s raining, in the pool, or when I’m completing a triathlon.

Top of my list of prospective purchases was the Garmin Forerunner 310XT ($249.99) which is described as a “triathlete’s indispensable training tool” because it can track activities on land or in open water.

Then, thanks to a listener of Manic Mommies, I discovered a new GPS designed by women for women – the Bia.

According to the web site, the Bia is designed to be smaller, lighter and infinitely adjustable making it more comfortable for smaller wrists. With one button and a touchscreen, it’s built for “99% of us who love to sweat, but don’t have time for technology that gets in the way of our workout.” (Below is a comparison of a traditional GPS watch and the Bia).

In addition to being able to stand up to my triathlon training, the inventors have actually tested it to make sure it could make it safely through a run in my washing machine.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is not guarantee that I can have the GPS watch I’m coveting – because the Bia is a prototype and a dream that needs funding.

Which is why, instead of buying a Garmin, I’ve pledged $199 to the Bia Kickstarter campaign. If the project reaches it’s goal of $400,000 by July 14th, production will begin and sometime next spring I will have a “BAD@SS” black/silver Bia watch with GPS which will retail for at least $249.

What’s better than being able to help two moms achieve a dream AND getting a bargain?

Do you use a GPS watch? Which one?