Hitting Up People for Money? Bad Idea.

June 25, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

“My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary,” a reader named Deanna wrote. “Their dream vacation is to go to Hawaii.  My sister, brother, and I would like to help, but don’t have all the funds necessary.”

Deanna asked, “Would it be tacky to solicit contributions to such a trip from their friends? We don’t see how else they could afford it.”

First, congratulations to your parents on having achieved this wonderful milestone in their life together. It’s a happy occasion and a time for your family to celebrate. That said, it would be extremely tacky to ask their friends to chip in money for your parents to take a vacation.

If you want to give a big gift to your parents, that’s between you and your siblings. But for you to ask their friends for money could be really embarrassing for your family. People are going to wonder (perhaps aloud) why your family can’t live within its means and why your parents didn’t save money for a vacation if it was so important to them to take one. Nobody passes around the hat to send people on vacation. The only time it’s appropriate to ask friends, acquaintances or the community at large for cash contributions on behalf of your family is after a terrible trauma, combined with economic hardship, has befallen you.

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