How will you keep the kids reading this summer?

June 24, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

Our children have been out of school for just one week, and I’m pretty sure neither of them has thought about picking up a book. I can feel us falling into a very bad routine which, if not rectified, could result in significant back sliding for both children.

So what can we do to reduce the sliding? Rather than trying to come up with something from scratch, we’re looking to available & free resources to encourage the kids to keep reading:

Barnes & Noble – Each year, bookseller Barnes & Noble invites children to earn a free book by reading eight books of their choosing, then returning the completed summer journal to our local store.

Scholastic – The Scholastic Summer Challenge is a “free online program designed to motivate and excite children about reading this summer.” Last year students around the world logged 64,214,141 reading minutes, and they are challenging kids to break that record. I will be installing the free app each of their iPod Touches to help them keep track.

Our local library – For the 15th year, volunteers in town have organized a summer reading program in cooperation with our school committee, local business association and local library, designed to reward elementary school children for reading during the summer. Prizes, awarded based on number of books read or time spent reading, are donated from local businesses.

As a full-time working mom, one of my primary challenges is that I’m not here most days to ensure that the reading is getting done. But with good tools, and my husband on board to make sure any system I put in place is implemented, I’m hopeful that we can keep the back sliding to a minimum.

What will you be doing to keep your kids reading this summer?