It’s National Lobster Day!

June 15, 2012 | By | Comments (5)

There’s a holiday for pretty much every food out there—peanut butter cookies, lasagna, zucchini, candy apples…just name a food, and you can find a “holiday” for it. Today, however, I’m particularly excited because June 15 is officially National Lobster Day, and lobster happens to be my favorite food.

Lobster Shacks by Mike Urban

I recently took a trip to my beloved Maine where I managed to eat lobster every day but one (and I was very sad that day), often twice a day. The brand-new Lobster Shacks by Mike Urban was a handy guide, giving me insights into places I already knew and helping me discover new ones. There’s also a lot of very useful general lobster information in there, including:

-The difference between hard-shell and soft-shell lobsters: Soft shells are easier to crack open with your hands; though they have less meat, some prefer their slightly sweeter flavor. (Did you even know there was such a thing as a hard-shell and soft-shell lobster? I think unless you are in a particularly lobster-intense area, most restaurants and markets won’t even specify which one you’re getting, much less give you a choice.)

-How to eat a lobster. Don’t forget, there’s lots of delicious meat in the legs, tail flippers, and body—it’s not just the claws and tail.

-Boiling vs. steaming: If you’re boiling, make sure to salt the water before cooking to preserve that ocean essence. Some say that boiling adds too much water to the lobster, while others say steaming might result in loss of flavor—it’s really a personal preference.

So if you get a chance, head to your local seafood restaurant or pick up some live lobsters from the store and celebrate Lobster Day in style.