I Totally Meant to Do That: Surface

I Totally Meant to Do That by Jane Borden

Well, hello there, Bookies!

Did you finish? How did you like it? Do you think Jane has truly “surfaced” during this last part—and are you all ready to move to New York or are you running straight for the comforts of the South?

I must confess, I spent one night this week Googling Jane. And trust me, if you want some answers about where she ends up, you should do so, too! If you’re still faced with some lingering questions about her North-South dilemma, please get those queries ready since she’ll be answering your burning questions for an upcoming post! (And, yes, I may ask, “Really, a whoopee cushion?”) Just post them below by EOD next Friday, June 22.

I Totally Meant to Do That was a delight, light and easy for the warm weather that’s settled in over New York City. But Jane did get me thinking about what it means to live in this fast-paced metropolis. I let out a little bit of a defeated sigh when I read this passage: “Whenever I’m riding the subway, waiting in line, or anytime I don’t need to see with precision, I take off my glasses. That way, even if only for a few minutes, the whirring, glowing UFO that is New York City smudges hazily into a more manageable landscape, an impressionist version of itself. The effect is like Xanax for the senses.” Oh, man. That is what you have to do in New York: Zone out when it’s safe. But here’s a thought: Maybe you all do that? Perhaps it’s actually our body’s need to meditate or get away from it all—and not simply a factor of living in Manhattan? (Stressed fingers crossed.)

I’m looking forward to reading your comments, and I’m glad that our journey isn’t over yet. I’ll let everyone know when Jane will be taking questions. So get your Sunday finest on, and we’ll chat with y’all soon!

Thanks for reading,
Mary Kate