Have You Ever Wanted to Design Your Own Shoes? Now You Can

June 11, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Ladies, kick up your heels and rejoice—there is a new way to buy shoes! And this time it doesn’t involve hours traipsing around malls and department stores or that disheartening moment when you finally spy the perfect pair on a website only to find out the shoes don’t come in your size.

My new online addiction, rapidly surpassing Facebook and even Twitter, is shoesofprey.com—a website that allows you to design and customize shoes, from width to heel height to materials. And with so many options for materials (cotton! leather! prints! snakeskin! glitter!), you can really log a lot of hours on here.

My first attempt started with a blank canvas—a simple flat sandal shape. I added some metallic leather, a little turquoise snakeskin, a blue exposed zipper, and just like that, wound up with my perfect pair of just-dressy-enough summery sandals.

If you’re feeling less than sartorially inspired and would rather just click and buy, the site has got you covered there as well: You can click through the gallery of past designs and shop to your heart’s content (of course with the option to customize).

I love the pop of Tiffany blue at the toe of these glittery heels. But would they be more fun in gold? Click and find out!