A Pro’s Tips for Big, Lush Lashes

Lashes are my secret weapon to taking a day look to night. Just the smallest extra step can make the world of difference. Courtney Akai is a New York City–based lash extension master, a guru of lashes. She has her own boutique and knows everything there is to know about these tiny hairs. Since not everyone has the opportunity to drop in at Courtney’s boutique to get some falsies, I wanted to bring her best at-home tips to you. Here are Courtney’s four steps to getting longer, fuller-looking lashes using just a few simple tools.

1. Using a good eyelash curler, curl your lashes without any product on them.

2. Next, brush on a primer. Lancome Cils Booster XL ($23; lancome-usa.com) is her pick.

3. Follow this step by applying two or three coats of your favorite mascara.

4. Lastly, after the mascara has completely dried, curl your lashes one more time, carefully applying the curler at the base of your lashes. (Be gentle, and don’t do this too soon after applying the mascara, or you could damage your lashes.)

I did this trick for a Saturday night dinner and I saw an immediate difference. Everyone was asking me how I had applied what they thought were false lashes. That’s a huge compliment for my stubby straight ones!

Do you have your own tricks for making your lashes looking their best? Share your thoughts below.