I Totally Meant to Do That: Sink

I Totally Meant to Do That by Jane Borden

Hi there, Bookies!

Hope everyone is here and ready to chat about the second part of I Totally Meant to Do That. “Sink” is a very appropriate title for this second part, wouldn’t you agree? Not only is Jane dealing with the pangs of independence that are associated with post-college life, but it’s the toll of trying to find her geographic identity that really seems to be her biggest struggle. She’s not ready to live back in North Carolina (and drive a Volvo and marry a banker, as she writes), but she doesn’t feel quite at home, both literally and figuratively, in New York. Her restless nature seems to reflect that. Even if you never lived in an environment that was as foreign as N.Y.C. is to her southern hometown, I think everyone can identify with not feeling quite at home during a time in their life. What about you, fellow Bookies? Did you find this part to have any relatable elements?

Jane would make a terrific sociologist, her study of different personalities is so astute. I’ve spent some time in the South—to attend some weddings, mainly—and I loved how she just nails the idiosyncrasies of the South. I remember my first big Savannah wedding, where I spent the entire night wondering when on earth the cocktail hour would end and we would sit down to dinner. She’s very tuned-in to the personalities in New York as well (although I’ve never given a whoopee cushion to a transvestite!), but it’s the lack of confidence in her new hometown that pulls at my heartstrings. Take this passage: “If you mapped this tendency, it would look like a heartbeat on an ECG machine. It starts out straight. But we get bored, we want more. So we run far and fast, spiking dramatically. So far and fast that our internal bungee cord snaps us back, careening past home base on a new route down. That’s not right either, though. So we wind up back again where we started. Then we forget how it all happened and do it again. And again. And again.” Doesn’t that sound so sad? Are we at Jane’s low point? Is the next part, “Surface,” truly that? Her return to the top?

Looking forward to it!

‘Til next Friday…
Mary Kate