Would You Buy It? The Milkmaid from Quirky

June 6, 2012 | By | Comments (25)

Milkmaid from Quirky

Everyday more and more technology is making its way into the kitchen. The latest project from Quirky (announced today on TechCrunch) is no exception. Quirky partnered with GE to ask inventors for the next revolutionary idea that integrated technology into an everyday product. The result is The Milkmaid, a milk jug with a direct line to your smart phone.

Here’s a look at its features thus far:

– Holds up to 1 quart of milk
– Measures the pH level of the milk to determine when it’s going sour
– Displays the milk’s “freshness” via a panel of LED lights
– Has a weight sensor to determine when the milk is almost out
– Texts your phone when the milk has gone bad or when it’s almost gone to remind you to buy more
– Has a companion app to allow you to check the status of your milk when you’re at the grocery store or order more from supported stores

This is still in Quirky’s development stage, so you can’t order it quite yet, but you might be able to soon. Click over to TechCrunch for more details and photos.

But first, tell us, would you buy it?