Dig It! Today Is National Gardening Exercise Day

Grab your hoe, pick up a spade, trim the shrubs or cut the lawn! Today is National Gardening Exercise Day!

While that’s a clunky mouthful of a holiday, the truth is, gardening can have significant health benefits—and it sure beats hammering away at the elliptical trainer, don’t you think?

Some of the salubrious side effects of digging in the dirt include:
*decreased stress
*less depression
*caloric burn (hey, pushing a mower is a gajillion times more active than just watching the grass grow!)
*improved memory in older adults
*faster healing (hospital patients have been shown to get better quicker when they have a green view—of some plants of fresh flowers, for instance—as opposed to one that’s all parking lot, all the time)

TIP: While you can simply wear a beat up pair of sneaks to garden, these shortie booties from Bogs (below) are the original gardener/farmer boot. Originally favored by folks in the notoriously muddy, wet Pacific Northwest, they make some seriously adorable, seriously waterproof garden clogs, rain boots and wellie-type rain boots.