A Priest and a Rabbi Walk onto a Facebook Page…

“How do I deal with people who make rude or inappropriate comments on my Facebook posts (think: off-color religious or political jokes)?” writes a reader who asked to remain anonymous.

“These are not close friends—sometimes people I barely know but am connected with online. I worry it’s offensive to delete their comments, but I don’t want other people in my life to see such awful remarks,” a reader says.

Like it or not, you’re the publisher here. There’s this notion that social networks are about “me” – that the things that go up on my Facebook page are the things I want you to know about me.  Likewise, everything that goes up on your wall creates an impression about who you are.

Delete the offensive post. The place for off color jokes is private, just as it always was, a simple truth that some people are having a hard  time learning. As a reminder, send the person who posted the joke a private message to explain why you deleted the comment: “I know that you’re not a racist or sexist or insensitive, and that in your mind you think this is funny. But I’ve noticed that when things like this are posted online, they tend to offend people who don’t know you or who don’t share your sense of humor.  If it were posted on my wall, people would think I endorse the sentiment.”

What’s the worst thing someone else ever posted on your Facebook wall? How did you handle the situation?

(image via RealSimple.com)