How to Tell if Your Grill is Hot Enough

May 18, 2012 | By | Comments (3)

How to check the temperature of your grill

If your plans this weekend involve grilling out, use this trick to figure out if your grill is hot enough for your recipe.

Once you think your coals are ready, hold your hand about 4-inches above the grill grate. You’ll be able to tell the approximate temperature by how long you can keep your hand over the grill. Start counting like you learned to do in grade school (one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, etc.), and depending on how long it takes you to move your hand that’s how hot the fire is.

If you can last until two or three Mississippi, your fire is hot.

If you can last until four or five Mississippi, your fire is medium-high.

And if you can last until eight or ten Mississippi, your fire is medium-low.

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