Does hair length define gender?

May 18, 2012 | By | Comments (14)

This is my new haircut. As you can see, I had most of the hair chopped off, making it the perfect cut for summer and my new exercise regimen.

And this is my daughter’s new haircut. As you can see, she also had most of her hair chopped off, a decision she made on her own while visiting my mother.

I love her new haircut. I think she looks adorable, and it is so much easier for us to take care of (she never was one for ponytails or headbands). And she loves her new haircut – most of the time.

But recently she seems to be having a bit of buyer’s remorse because, as she tells me, some of her friends and classmates tells me she looks like a boy.

A boy who, mind you, on any given day could be wearing hot pink, sparkles, and white patent leather shoes – sometimes all at once.

Looking around, I started to realize there aren’t a lot of girls with short hair, or even many girls or women in mainstream media with short hair. It’s almost ridiculous the amount of hair “serious” women on television are sporting – does anyone really think a hard working police officer like Detective Rizzoli (pictured at right) would have such amazing hair?

Working it through with her, my daughter and I discussed the importance of not worrying about what people thought of our appearance (if she likes her haircut, does it matter what other people think?); that things like haircuts or clothing don’t necessarily define ourselves or our gender, and that real friends accept each other for who they are, rather than making fun of the choices they’ve made (one of her best girl friends likes to dress as Captain America and we think that’s awesome).

Does your girl have short hair? Does your boy have long? Does it matter?