The Night Circus: Part 2

Hi again!

Thanks for the feedback on Part 1—I loved reading all your thoughts, and I’m glad you seem to be enjoying The Night Circus as much as I am.

As another week comes to a close, let’s dive into a discussion of Part 2.

I’ve loved getting a closer look at the workings of the night circus. Reading about the different tents makes me want to go to the circus, but I’m not so sure Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is going to satisfy my itch after this book! What’s your favorite tent? I’d love to take a walk through the cloud maze—it sounds heavenly!

Overall, I’m still a bit confused about the terms of the duel and how it’s going to play out, but I like that the challengers seem as perplexed as the readers are. It seems like we’re all in the dark on this one, and I think it adds to the mystery of the whole situation.

After Celia discovers Marco is her opponent, I would love to know why the two are so forthcoming with each other about their abilities. Were you surprised at how open they were?

In addition to Marco and Celia’s developing relationship, there are other strange friendships blossoming: Celia and Herr Frederick Thiessen, Marco and Isobel, Celia and Isobel—the list goes on. Which duo intrigues you the most? I’m most interested in Bailey’s relationship with Poppet and Widget. Their worlds are so different, yet there seems to be something pulling them together. After Bailey’s tarot reading and his night with the twins, I’m sure he has some important role in the storyline and I’m dying to know what it is!

Speaking of curiosity, it seems Tara Burgess’s inquisitiveness may have led to her demise. After nearly 10 years, Tara notices that nobody in the circus (besides the twins) has aged much physically, and she begins to question the illusions and the wonder of it all. After confronting Alexander about it, Tara is hit by a train as she spies on him across the platform. Was Tsukiko right about Tara’s demise? Is there a “punishment” of sorts for those who dig too deep into the inner workings of the circus? I’m not so sure, but I do think that Tara’s story might foreshadow more questions challenging the circus—and potentially its unraveling.

As a whole, the book has kept me engaged, but I’d really love to see some more character development. At the end of Part 1 I felt the anticipation building and thought we’d get some answers, but not much was revealed. Maybe now that both Marco and Celia and Bailey and the Murray twins have crossed paths, the story line will progress at a faster pace. I guess we’ll find out this week!

I’ll catch up with you all again next Friday to talk about Part 3. Happy Friday!