Vote for Your June Book!

May 8, 2012 | By | Comments (8)

Hello, Bookies:

Before we kick off summer, unofficially anyway, on Memorial Day, let’s pick our June book, so we can enjoy the long weekend with a good read in hand. Mary Kate McGrath, senior editor extraordinaire—who, among other duties, oversees the Solutions section of the magazine, with all those wonderfully clever New Uses for Old Things—offers up the four choices below. Pick the one you most want to discuss with her—the poll will be open until 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 23.

I Totally Meant to Do That, by Jane Borden

Country mouse moves to the big city—in this case, it’s the southern debutante from North Carolina thrown headfirst (a well-coiffed one at that) into the mean streets of Manhattan. Hilarity ensues.

The Love of My Youth, by Mary Gordon

High school loves Adam and Miranda are surprisingly reunited after 40 years, at a dinner party in Rome. They’re older, they’ve married other people, but perhaps their relationship isn’t over?

You Know When the Men Are Gone, by Siobhan Fallon

Eight loosely connected short stories about the lives of women left behind at Fort Hood when their men deploy for combat. A reflection of life on a military base.

Trapped, by Michael Northrop

Attention, Twilight/Hunger Games fans: How good does this sound? A page-turner, originally directed at young adults (but all the talk has been amongst us adults), about a group of seven kids trapped inside their high school. Oh, and it takes place during a blizzard. Sounds like the perfect escape when summer’s temps are heating up.