Mother of All Inspiration

May 7, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

One of the best parts of my job is that I don’t really ever know what each day will bring or what I’m going to find. Sometimes it’s a really great, sparkly stiletto, or a beautiful new line of clothing from an emerging designer. Sometimes it’s meeting designers and getting to know the people behind my favorite brands. Other days, it’s finding out that the source of inspiration behind a collection is often the best part.

Efva Attling is a jewelry designer from Stockholm (most recently, at least—she has former lives as a model, a Swedish pop star, and a designer for H&M). Her eponymous collection ranges from delicate charms to bold, architectural statement pieces, each with a specific story behind it, but none more inspiring that her Lifeline collection, which she created as a way of keeping her late mother always close.

“The inspiration for Lifeline is, this life we have been given that is far too short. When I sat at my mother’s sickbed and held her hand, I thought about our fingerprints and how they are life that was given by our mothers. Lifeline is an homage to my own mother, a fingerprint molded in silver.”


Efva Attling Lifeline cuff, $410, and ring $190.

These sterling silver pieces are a lovely reminder of what we’ve been given and can be inspired to do by our own mothers and the important women in our lives.

(Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!)