How to Make Your Co-Workers Like You

April 30, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

The same bad behavior that got you in trouble at home when you were a kid—taking credit for something your brother did, saying no reflexively, a messy room—can cause problems with your co-workers at the office.

A few days ago, a story in the Wall Street Journal listed the most common behaviors that make co-workers dislike you. They include:

1. Sucking up to the boss.

2. Taking too much credit.

3. Negativity or discounting others’ ideas.

4. Messiness, particularly leaving food lying around.

5. Poor cubicle etiquette. (Loud talking and microwaving stinky leftovers are prime examples.)

These are, of course, the adult versions of the very things that your parents yelled at you for doing when you were a kid. So next time, before you bcc someone on an email to get a co-worker in trouble, ask yourself — would Mom consider that sneaky behavior? Before you interrupt a colleague in a meeting, think: What would my parents have said if I did this at the dinner table?

Manners are manners. You were taught them at home, growing up. Use them now, in the office, and you’ll be fine.

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