Bossypants: The End…and Guess What?

Why hello, Bookies!

It’s that time we’ve been dreading—the last weekly post for Bossypants.

What should I do with my last five minutes? I know, I’ll share some amazing news with you:

Tina Fey will be answering some questions from the No-Obligation Book Club in an upcoming post!

So, what questions have been gnawing at you as you’ve wandered through these pages? Post them in the comments section below by next Friday, May 4, and Tina may respond to them. (By the way, did anyone watch the live episode of 30 Rock last night? So good!)

But before you ask your questions, let’s dive into a quick wrap-up of our reading this week.

I was slightly disappointed at first to discover that the drunk midget was in fact Tina’s daughter (did not fit the mental image I had!). But then I was touched by “The Mother’s Prayer for Its Daughter.” It was so heartfelt, yet realistic, and yet hilarious—I could picture each “prayer” perfectly. What prayer would you write for your daughter or future daughter? I would have to write, “May she not cater to fashion trends and fads, for there shalt always be a camera and a Facebook,” then I would show her this picture:

Yes, my hair is crimped, and that’s a slap bracelet on my wrist. Not to mention the candy-cane sunglasses!

Speaking of pictures, how adorable is the “swarthy little baby” picture (eyebrows and all)? I loved how Tina’s last chapters focused more on her family and relationships than on her career. She really does it all!

I want to ask all of you how you juggle your family and profession, but I know Tina would say that’s the rudest question I could ask, so I’ll just leave it to you to ask your questions below.

Thank you, Bookies, for a fun read and great company this past month.