How I’m starting to train for my triathlon

April 26, 2012 | By | Comments (5)

Last week I received amazing responses from readers when I posted to Manic Mommies that I had decided to try completing my first triathlon, and was thinking of signing up for a second.

With the weather warming, and the thought of crashing and burning in front of my fellow triathletes (when can I call myself a triathlete? Is training enough, or do I have to complete one race first?), I’ve started preparing for a summer of athletic endeavors:

New accessories: Based on recommendations from readers, I purchased a hot pink Tuneband to carry my iPhone, which I use to listen to my Pink “Genius” Playlist and track my runs. I also plan on stopping at Target to increase my collection of athletic undergarments and socks.

New technology: As I’m not a runner, several readers also suggested I try the “Ease into 5K” app which in 8 weeks promises to train a beginner runner to complete a 30 minute run without stopping within 8 weeks. I tried it last night during a run/walk at a local YMCA and while I’m happily a little beyond the beginner stage, I loved the interval training concept and the voice prompts telling me to run or walk.

Renewed membership: Ironically just as our underutilized membership to the YMCA was set to expire, I decided to get fit and need access to a pool. My plan is to make better use of both our local facilities and the “My Y is Every Y” program which allows us to use any YMCA in New England at no charge.

Found friends: As the saying goes, misery loves company. Or, in my case, future triathletes need neighbors. Several of my friends are on board for training and completing the same triathlons, with most of us connecting through “Map My Fitness” to see what the rest are doing, and to provide encouragement.

Sign up and spread the word: Before I had taken one step towards my running goal, I actually registered for the triathlon and started telling everyone (including readers of Manic Mommies and now, Real Simple) of my plan. Because money and potential embarrassment are two things that will certainly keep me motivated and prevent me from backing out.

With the help of a friend from Brooks Running, my next task will be to upgrade my footwear from the sneakers I wore during my first run. I also have to come up with a training plan with an eye to involving the kids and family as much as possible. As I continue to research and train for the race, I’ll be keeping track of my finds on Pinterest.

Have you trained for, or completed a triathlon? What training tips do you have?