Oversharing: When Couples Tweet Too Much

April 26, 2012 | By | Comments (3)

Singer Rosanne Cash got in trouble recently for tweeting that her husband was napping. “Don’t’ tell people I’m taking a nap!” he said, really annoyed.

That story and others, reported today in the New York Times, describes a modern etiquette problem that can derail romance: oversharing.

Before the days of Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr, it wasn’t so easy to blithely broadcast the details of your partner’s latest foible. If he burned dinner, you might have grumbled about his efforts to a good friend or two — in relative privacy — and that would have been the end of it. Nowadays, however, whatever you say might get back to him. And hurt his feelings:

“Nozlee Samadzadeh and Jarrett Moran …set up a Tumblr account where they …comment on meals they cook. Ms. Samadzadeh said she once upset Mr. Moran when she joked that he was hapless in the kitchen,” the Times reported.

In that case, the couple had to set new ground rules. “To avoid further conflict, the couple agreed to review each other’s comments before posting,” the Times reported.

Ground rules are definitely a good idea. In my house, where both my husband and I are writers, the rule is to give each other a pre-publication peek, to make sure nobody ends up with hurt feelings. What one partner things is a cute, harmless joke may embarrass the other person.

What about at your house? What’s off limits when you tweet? When is the last time you or your partner overshared?