Struggling to Get Dinner on the Table Every Night?

April 20, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

In your ideal world, your family happily gathers around the dinner table every night. The kids eat your home-cooked delicious meat loaf and green beans without a fuss, everyone chats about current events and shares interesting things that happened to them that day, and your hubby helps clear the table and does the dishes. In the real world, you rush home frazzled from work, dig around frantically in the fridge to see if there’s anything edible you can throw together, and resort to takeout pizza or frozen dinners while the kids whine (if they’re not at soccer practice or glued to the TV) and you reach for the aspirin.

We’re here to help! Enter the second annual Take Back Dinnertime contest, and you could win a mealtime makeover from Real Simple editors (including some of the very ladies who are blogging here on Simply Stated). They’ll give you strategies and solutions for solving your dinnertime dilemmas—whether you want to eat healthier, find recipes the whole family enjoys, learn how to make meals in advance, or streamline your kitchen. Plus, the winning makeovers (there will be four lucky winners) will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

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