Email Wedding Invitations: ‘Reply All’ to RSVP?

April 16, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

More and more people are skipping paper wedding invitations to send email instead.

A new article (written by one of my students at Columbia University) describes the trend:

“There are good reasons a growing number of couples go digital when they send wedding invitations: It saves money, reduces your carbon footprint and can efficiently reach friends scattered around the world,” writes Billy Shannon.

One couple interviewed for the story estimated a $1,000 savings from not sending paper invitations. Stationers are taking notice; this year Crane & Co. will introduce printed invitations with response codes that can be scanned to  take guests to a website with wedding information.

“But old traditions die hard,” Shannon writes. “And traditionalists say it is not considered proper etiquette to send out email invitations when many people are accustomed to fancy paper invites, wrapped in tissue paper and delivered to a physical mailbox by a human being.”

Have you ever gotten a wedding invitation via email or Facebook? Would you send one?

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