How to Win on National Scrabble Day

April 13, 2012 | By | Comments (11)

Scrabble Tiles

Did you know that today is National Scrabble Day? In honor of the “holiday” take a look at these 10 short words words from Mental Floss that can help you out in a pinch (and occasionally rack up some high scores).

1. Aa definition: basaltic lava having a rough surface
2.  Qat definition: a flowering plant native to East Africa an the Arabian peninsula
3. Zax definition: a slate mason, or the tool used to cut and punch nail holes in roofing slate
4. Cwm definition: a valley, especially one created by glacial movement
5. Xu definition: Vietnamese money
6. Qua definition: as or as being, or in the character of
7. Suq definition: a market, or part of a market, in an Arab city
8. Adz definition: an axe-like tool
9. Jo definition: a sweetheart or dear
10. Qadi definition: a judge in the Muslim community

Who are you going to challenge to a game of Scrabble (or Words with Friends) tonight?