Bossypants: Chapters 1 Through 8

Hi, Bookies!

The beginning of Bossypants really flew by for me. Wasn’t it hard to put down after reading “Young Men’s Christian Association”? I am loving the book so far, particularly because Tina’s voice sounds like a close friend telling me about her day. (Seriously, I have friends just like her.)

Let’s dive in.

I love the title “All Girls Must Be Everything.” Don’t you feel like that sometimes? The way Tina lists out all possible deficiencies really cracks me up. There are just so many possibilities! How are we supposed to overcome every potential defect in the world?

I think Tina would tell us to celebrate them instead. They certainly build character. At least, that’s what I think now.

When I was younger, growing up in Florida, to correct a “deficiency” I used to fake-bake a few times a week to get that sun-kissed glow my friends had. I’m happy being in NYC where I can be as pale as I want, and it’s totally acceptable to look like this! (What beauty and fashion trends have you tried that flopped? Has anyone tried the new eyelash extension craze? Do tell.)

On to “Delaware County Summer Showtime”:

I thought Brendan’s party was really interesting, how he combined all different groups of friends, looking to find some common ground. What do you do when you’re hosting a get-together with people from different areas of your life? I’m loving those Table Topics cards, especially when I’m trying to bridge the gap between my work friends, life friends, boyfriend’s friends, and everyone in between! The Table Topics can really spark up a funny conversation.

I was surprised to find some gaping truths beneath the funny, and often sarcastic, tone of these first few chapters. The concept of girl-on-girl sabotage really struck me—from when Tina outcasts a young dancer who stole her boyfriend to when she goes behind Donna’s back to steal her desk job. I was surprised to see Tina cross Donna, considering the main thing she learned in that job was “how to be a considerate coworker.”

What do you think of the idea that women undermine other women? Have you been following the Samantha Brick “Women Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful” debacle? Brick says that “insecure female bosses” have barred her from progressing at work due to her appearance. Do you think women actually do that, and what’s your take on the idea that good looks are an attribute or deterrent to professional progress? I definitely agree that the way a women dresses can progress or impede her career path, depending on what she wears. But I’m not so sure that good looks an executive make.

Have you experienced girl-on-girl sabotage in your workplace? As more and more women take on upper management and leadership positions, I hope we will be the type of Bossypants who foster a little friendly competition but draw a clear line as to where that competition must end.

I hope you are enjoying Bossypants as much as I am! I look forward to next week’s discussion: “The Windy City Full of Meat” through “Amazing, Gorgeous, Not Like That.”