What Your Babysitter is Thinking

March 22, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

In this month’s issue of Real Simple, a reader wrote to say that her friend told her to find her own babysitter, instead of sharing. “You said this person was not being a true friend, and I completely disagree,” writes Gracie1220.

“I am a babysitter,” Gracie1220 writes. “I have worked with children for ten years, and I was a preschool teacher as well as a nanny. In my long experience, it is so much better for everyone involved when friends do not share sitters.”

Here are Gracie1220’s reasons: “People’s schedules overlap, which causes issues, and people are often pretty ruthless when it comes to finding child care. I have watched friends vie for my services, sometimes quite blatantly.”

As a result, Gracie1220 asks people she works for to not share her information friends unless they consult her first. “Trust me, the woman not giving out the info is saving the other woman a huge headache, not to mention saving the babysitter a headache,” she says. “It is awkward, as a sitter, to be put between two friends.”

Thanks for weighing in, Gracie1220, and for reminding us that there is another perspective to the issue.

Do you share babysitters with friends? If not, why not?

(image via Realsimple.com)